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An Exclusive Look Into Banana Pintada's Clothing Collection For Elements Festival

What happens when the creativity of NYC-based Brazilian designer Maira Peralta, the mastermind behind Banana Pintada, meets the festival vibes of The Festival Babes? Pure magic. These two powerhouses have joined forces to create a clothing line like no other.

Picture this: dazzling patterns, vibrant colors, and a touch of magic that captures the four elements of nature. Just last month, The Festival Babes officially launched their first-ever collaborative clothing line with Banana Pintada for Elements Music & Arts Festival.

Banana Pintada is all about fashion that's as unique as you are. Imagine clothing that's like a canvas for your personality, designed exclusively for festival-goers. Peralta's artistic flair shines through in each piece she creates. These aren't just clothes; they're conversation starters.

In this exclusive interview, we'll delve into the magic behind Banana Pintada's collaboration with The Festival Babes, the inspiration behind her designs, and the journey that brought her to the festival fashion scene.

Q: Where did you find inspiration for the Banana Pintada x The Festival Babes Elements design? Can you tell us more about your creative process?

Maira P: Coming from the minimalist neutral wave, I have seen creators being more and more comfortable with bold graphic patterns - which is where my heart is at. When this collaboration happened I wanted to bring the energy of Elements Festival with both of our brands (Banana Pintada and The Festival Babes).

The print reflects the four elements, which were also represented by the four stages at the festival, with a twist of warmth and vibrancy that I always bring to all my patterns. Going into the pattern composition you can see water on the bottom, the earth bringing life with mushrooms and plants, the fire radiating on the background of the pattern and everything is tied with air bubbles. The brands come in to embellish and frame this bold composition, the eye connecting you with the familiar The Festival Babes logo and the Bananas for Banana

Pintada. This was the first pattern I created exclusively for a festival and I wanted to represent that as well, one of my signature elements - pun absolutely intended - is the leopard (onca pintada in Portuguese, which also is 1/2 of my brands name) so I drew the leopard going through portals which means to much to me as I entered the until then unknown festival world with this pattern.

Q: Why did you decide to collaborate with The Festival Babes on this line?

Maira P: I moved to New York in April and by June my now best friend and roommate Casey convinced me I needed to go to a music festival, so I went to Bonnaroo and attended The Festival Babes meet up. My mind was blown. I create clothes because I am the happiest when people are feeling good about themselves, and that was the whole energy

in that meet up. All these women complimenting each other, wearing the most fun outfits and rocking it with so much confidence -- I knew I wanted to participate and create something to add to that kind of experience. So, I reached out to The Festival Babes... and the rest is history!

Q: How did you feel seeing your designs come to life at Elements Festival?

Maira P: I am not going to lie, I shed a tear or two. I remember coming to the meet up and seeing one of the babes having so much fun with a bubble gun, another babe playing the hoop, another babe shuffling, everyone smiling and taking photos, people dancing, boys doing pull ups on the Elements art installation.... can you imagine how much fun that looked? After 7 minutes it clicked in my brain everyone was wearing my art while having the most fun. I felt so grateful and happy, so aligned with my purpose. I cried happy tears.

So, what makes this collaboration so special? It's a symphony of the four elements—earth, fire, water, and air—woven together seamlessly with a touch of Banana Pintada's signature banana motif and The Festival Babes' iconic third eye logo. It's like Mother Nature and festival vibes had a baby, and that baby is this clothing line.

Now, the big question: Where can you snag these festival fashion gems? The answer is simple: head over to our website (link provided below) to explore the full Banana Pintada x The Festival Babes collection. Trust us; you don't want to miss out on this festival fashion extravaganza.

Hint: Shop with our exclusive code THEFESTIVALBABES to save!

Remember, festival season is all about expressing your unique self, and Banana Pintada and The Festival Babes have got you covered. So, grab your festie besties and get ready to dance the night away in style because you're a festival babe, and this clothing line is your ultimate festival fairy tale come true. 💃🌟🎉

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