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Bass Babes Do It Better: Outfit Inspirations for Your Next Bass Festival

Preparing for any festival can be quite the challenge - from packing for those road trips to the 4-day camping adventures or simply assembling the perfect outfits in your room. Festival prep is no joke.

With such a wide variety of music festivals, each with its own unique vibe, the outfit inspirations are endless. Whether you're going for a wooky look, rave couture, techno baddie, bass babe, or something entirely different, the options can be overwhelming.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with one-of-a-kind outfits, consider turning to small businesses and creators for support. After all, festivals and the rave community thrive on supporting and uplifting each other.

The Babes are on their way to Sound Haven, located in Whitwalll, Tennessee for a 4 day camping festival. This upcoming bass-heavy festival is a very intimate, space-inspired scene. If you’re looking for some outfit inspirations for your next wooky bass fest, here are some of our favorite small businesses with affordable and distinctive clothing items.

Based out of Eugene, Oregon, this small business is a champion of sustainability, showcasing an array of hand-braided tie-dye, cheetah print, and other mesmerizing prints in their collection of one-pieces and dresses. Their unique designs are perfect not only for festivals but also for elevating your everyday wear to a new level.

This grungy, street-inspired, hand-made brand is based out of Boston, and is ideal for any bass-head looking to spice up their closet for festivals, shows, or in their everyday life.

Looking to stand out in the crowd? Look no further! Embrace the enchanting world of trippy, psychedelic-inspired clothing, an effortless way to elevate your festival style. Don't miss the chance to explore their booth at various festivals as well!

This brand is all about repurposing pashminas into intricate, and comfortable hoodies perfect for those cool late night sets at fests.

This non-binary owned brand, offers a collection of handmade items featuring original patterns, making them the ideal choice for any wooky fest. They also accept custom orders!

Regardless of what fest you’re preparing for, finding distinctive and unique outfits is all a part of the experience. Finding your favorite festival style and inspirations can be easy by supporting creators within the community.

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