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Being Safe With Your Bass: A Girl's Guide to Festival Safety

Festival season is almost upon us! With more and more events happening as winter comes to an end, I think we are all ready to embrace the bass in the sun again! But, there are a lot of important things to keep in mind regarding festival safety! Read on for 10 key tips to ensure that you can have your safest festival season!

My name is Jordan, a 23 year old small town girl from suburban Connecticut. So whether I am traveling to a big city for a rave, or trucking my way through the woods for a festival, I am always just a tad out of my comfort zone, and often find myself with a bit of anxiety. If you are in the same boat, it's all going to be A-OK! Here are a few tips I've learned from my experience over the years:

1. Thoroughly research the location of the event and where you will staying!

I know, I am sure we all have stories of impulse buying tickets to an event as soon as we see our favorite DJ's on the line up… before we even figured out a place to stay... Oops. The first year I traveled to Electric Zoo NYC, I waited until the very last minute to book my hotel and ended up staying in this really crummy place in an unsafe area. Because I waited so long, it was so darn expensive everywhere else and this was my only option! Always be sure to plan your trip in advance and make sure you have safe transportation and lodging for the event you will be attending. This brings me to my next point,

2. Spend money on staying safe!

Do I regret staying in a cheap hotel to save a buck in NYC? Honestly, yes. Gosh, I still smell the cannabis in the hallways. Looking back now, I definitely should have splurged a bit and stayed in a hotel that was closer, safer, and more cleanly. The same thing goes for transportation to and from the event. There are times I have chosen to walk in unfamiliar cities at night, when reality, I should have just ordered an Uber or Lyft. Investing in safety is always the right move and you will never regret it!

3. Be aware of your surroundings!

I chuckled while writing this one, as I can hear my mother shouting this when I was a teenager leaving the house to meet friends at the mall, but the same principle applies here. Is that same guy following you and your friends stage to stage? Can you literally feel the presence of some weirdo’s eyes glued to your behind or chest? Learn to pick up on these things and act accordingly. I have a beautiful picture of me posing in front of the main stage and it is completely ruined by a person literally breaking their back to check me out. (Come on man, don't photo-bomb my insta post.)

4. Don’t be afraid to say no!

A rave is never the time to cling to your people-pleasing ways. Just as when we were kids and instructed never to take candy from strangers, please never ingest anything from attendees you don't know. Whether it be drinks, food, or anything else, you can never trust someone you just met! This also goes for when people ask you to dance, to hug, or even to use that expensive pixel whip you just bought, you can always say “No!”

5. Keep hydrated!

This one is simple; Dancing is tiring! Always be sure to hydrate before, during, and after the event. When you walk in, make sure to locate water refill stations/water to purchase, and drink up!

6. Keep your phone charged.

Make sure your phone is fully charged for an event. Personally, I often like to travel with multiple portable chargers to make sure my phone never runs out of juice. They are available to rent at some events, but they are usually super expensive and you can buy one ahead of time for much cheaper at a local store or online!

7. Avoid theft

My favorite bag to have at an event is often a fanny pack. It stays connected to me, it is the perfect size to carry what I need, and I can see it at all times. There are also a lot of various anti-theft bags available for purchase if you need something bigger, check online! If you happen to be at a camping fest, lock your tents and lock any valuables in you car if possible! Sadly people will savagely go through campsites at camping events, looking for items to steal. Keeping your items locked up is definitely recommended!

8. Trust your gut!

This one piggybacks off of point #3, but if something/somebody/ or somewhere seems a bit off, trust that feeling! The most powerful tool you carry is your intuition, it can save you from a ton of bad situations.

9. Take breaks!

Even if you aren't feeling tired, take a break. Have a seat, a snack, a drink, whatever it is that you may need, just be sure to take breaks and save your energy.

10. Speak up!

Last but not least, use your voice. If at any time you feel physically unwell, speak up! If another individual is making you feel unsafe, speak up. Event security is there to help you, never feel embarrassed to ask.

Now that you have some basic tips, have fun! Dress your best! Dance your heart out under the electric sky, and feel the music running through your veins.

Photos by: Taylor Dickason| @taylor_marie.jpeg

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John Murdy
John Murdy
19 mar 2022

Good job kid . ❤️ Dad.

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