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Buzzing About Deep Tropics Because...

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Nashville is welcoming back the third year of Deep Tropics Music, Art, and Style Festival this weekend at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. This lineup has something for headbangers and shufflers alike with it’s nice balance of house and bass! The events’ producers, Full Circle Presents, are bringing out some heavy hitters like Clozee, Charlesthefirst, Claude Von Stroke, and Dombresky.

Not only are we stoked to finally be seeing these amazing artists - we’re also amazed by the progressive efforts seen from Deep Culture. Deep Culture is a non-profit launched by the festival itself, with the intention of making Deep Tropics the ‘greenest’ festival in the United States. Their focus on regenerative and emergent design will not only transform the park into a Net Positive, Zero Waste space, but it will also encourage the ‘Tropical Travelers’ (ie: guests) to transform into their higher selves and community, then, ultimately a whole planet post fest by creating more energy and water than what’s used this weekend and integrating conscious engagement and exploration throughout the event’s entirety! If you’re feeling philanthropic, the festival is selling ‘Eco-Bands’ for $20, which helps fund new growth forests in Kenya, and grants the holder access to certain workshops.

Deep Culture has made sure that everything is recyclable, compostable, and reusable like the artful site and stage led by Aaron Martin, Nashville local. The colossal stage inspired by an ancient temple was designed in collaboration with 44 Design, featuring an incredible backdrop of the Music City’s famous skyline. Deep Tropics is certain to be a fully immersive, enjoyable, and life-changing experience sure to never be forgotten.

In addition to the beauty created within the festival grounds, Deep Tropics has also curated an entire network of off-site pre-parties, after parties, workshops, and other opportunities so guests can connect and rave all weekend! Good news, the festival grounds are less than a mile away from the after parties, as well as other iconic spots around Nashvegas. But if you danced too hard and don’t feel like walking, download the app Earth Rides, an eco-friendly rideshare app that has partnered with Deep Tropics!

It feels good supporting a festival that's so dedicated to the mission of building a better world. Good music attracts good people attracts good vibes! See y’all in Nash!

Check out Deep Tropics on their website and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Youtube for more info.

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