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By the Fam, For the Fam

“By the Fam, For the Fam” is the motto of this mystical, woodsy music festival located in Harmony, Maine on Freedom Field.

FAM FEST truly encapsulates what it means to have creative expression and creative freedom as a human. As you enter, you’re welcomed by the warmest, friendliest faces. The people in charge of production and overall experience truly nailed it, we felt like family right away. 

Massive fields of lush green grass with hundreds of campers set up and ready to have the best weekend greeted us as we drove to our camping spot. Even with the scattered rain showers, the vibes were immaculate. A little rain never hurts anybody, especially not this crowd! 

People came prepared and ready to party — Rain tents, umbrellas, ponchos, and simply going barefoot fixed whatever minor problems the rain seemed to cause. Showers were available and there were plenty of places to find coverage if necessary. And just before sunset, it cleared up with a beautiful rainbow covering freedom field, almost initiating us into this weekend of music, art and expression.

With three different stages delivering music, an array of art installations, and immersive experiences happening there was always something to do and see. Artists such as Barclay Crenshaw, Tiedyeky, EAZYBAKED & Delamoon performed on the Main Stage for an absolutely stacked line up. Fire Poi performers intoxicated the crowd after sunset as lasers covered the sky and danced on the tree tops. Fam Fest came ALIVE in the night!

Deep in the woods, as you pass by the renegade bus with its funky vibe and mesmerizing lounge area, you could walk to the space stage where a house and techno scene was offered. The camping seemed to be endless as we found little nooks and crannies all throughout freedom field where people had set up their homebase. Seeing all the tapestries and camp lights and ways that people set up is so cool. Each individual has their own perfect set up which expands with each festival. 

This community of people encompasses what it means to share your creations! The food vendors put so much care into making sure we were nourished all weekend and it showed. People had full stomachs and happy hearts. The small businesses that came to display their offerings catered to a wide variety of all festival necessities, including fashion, like The Pink


Cannabis education was everywhere and safe, legal consumption was the norm. The main sponsor of the fest being King Pine, we were blown away by the acceptance of this healing plant & what it offers us. The state of Maine truly gets it. Live art was being made as the festival went on as well as massive art installations that had been prepared beforehand for viewing pleasure, placed perfectly throughout the fields. 

Fam fest is exactly that— a festival that you should bring your family to. With unlimited opportunities for self expression, networking and co-creating this portal of passion is something that’s only going to get better with time. We are so excited to see the festival continue to elevate itself, and the community it brings in. If  you haven’t yet, check out the Fam fest official Instagram and the festival babes Instagram page for all the behind-the-scenes and info on Fest 2024.

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