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Can we go back to the b2b2b2b?

Dear Aliens, 


On December 30th 2023, you probably witnessed us humans doing the highest riddim knees you've ever seen ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We are pretty tired but wanted to know if you could abduct us and take us back in time so we can do it all over again?

Nowhere NYE rang in the new year with an insane b2b2b2b featuring Space WizardStoned LevelHamro, and Muerte! Not only did we get blessed with the surprise set, but we also got to see HOL! ignite the most incredible vibes. Talk about a great way to end the year!

We were immersed into the vision of the night as visuals were displayed all along the walls and ceilings of the venue. Aliens were taking shoulder rides to headbang, and friends were made in the midst of the pits!

If you wanted to relax a little more and watch people express themselves, there was also a mix of flow art going on further back from the stage. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing people having the time of their lives, doing what they love the most, while inclusively connecting and creating community through the diversity of music.  

If you weren't able to make it this year, be sure to snag your tickets for 2024. The Festival Babes couldn't be happier to know more people will be able to experience such a wonderful time!

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