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Electric Dreams: Navigating the Wonder of EDC Las Vegas

EDC, how we feeling baby?! Imagine the ultimate adult playground, filled with music, lights, and pure euphoria. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is magically transformed into a carnival wonderland, complete with cotton candy, thrilling rides, and a contagious child-like excitement pulsing through the air. 

Under the Electric Sky, there’s a diverse lineup of music that will make your heart race with 9 stages and art cars dedicated to different genres of EDM. Whether you’re in the mood to headbang at Basspod, get weird at Wasteland, or bust some moves at one of the art cars, there’s something for everyone here. With heavy hitters like Tape B, Excision, Adventure Club, and John Summit, along with techno baddies like Sara Landry, Lilly Palmer, and Deborah De Luca, EDC is where the party never stops and the energy is eclectic!

But wait, there's more! BONK sponsored an epic free breakfast every night at 4am, so you could fuel up and keep the party going strong. Beats and breakfast? Total game-changer!

And who could forget the kandi-making station at Camp EDC?! Do you ever get to a festival

and think, “Gosh darn it, I didn’t bring any Kandi to trade”? Well, fret not, BONK had the perfect solution, a kandi-making station filled with all the ingredients to make the perfect Kandi to trade with friends and strangers. The Festival Babes hosted a meet-up there, filled with games, giggles, and all the kandi-making fun you could dream of.

The weekend was a non-stop whirlwind of magic and music. The Marquee Skydeck experience with BONK was pure electric bliss. Dancing to Tiesto with the best view in the house? Nothing compares. Plus, bottle service, rides with minimal lines, and epic photo ops made it a one-of-a-kind experience.

EDC Las Vegas brought the good vibes and unforgettable moments. There truly is no better place to let your inner child out to play. Are you ready to join in on the fun next year? Let's keep the party going! EDC, we're coming for you!

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SO ready for next year! 😍

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