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Electric Forest 2024: A Weekend of Love and Gratitude

Electric Forest 2024 was an experience and one for the books. Nestled in Rothbury, Michigan, on the Double JJ Resort, this festival is known for its stellar lineup, incredible art installations, loving community, and magical vibes. This year was all of that and much more. Amidst the lights and sounds, an unexpected rainstorm turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of the weekend.

Attendees could arrive as early as Tuesday, but the official festival started on Thursday. Before the festival grounds opened, there was so much to explore not only in the campgrounds, but at all the shops on Main Street. As we said hello to new and old faces and got acquainted with our neighbors, you could feel everyone’s excitement to be back home.

The Music

Although this year’s lineup was more bass-heavy, there was still a good variety of genres. The festival started on a high note and carried on with many exceptional performances before it was cut short due to the storms. However, a few notable mentions from the weekend are Green Velvet, Nelly Furtado, Everything Always, Boogie T, Levity, Subtronics, LSZEE, Dirtwire, Gigantic Nghtmre, and Pretty Lights.

Community and Connection

What really makes Electric Forest special is the sense of community this festival creates. It’s where strangers become friends, and friends feel like family. Workshops, art installations, and spontaneous performances popped up everywhere, creating countless chances to connect. The festival’s vibe of inclusivity and respect was everywhere, making everyone feel welcomed from all walks of life. There is truly something magical when a group of strangers come together to share a common love of nature and music.

The Rainstorm: A Beautiful Surprise

Just as the festival hit its peak on Saturday evening, dark clouds began to roll in. There was this brief moment where everyone seemed to hold their breath in hopes the storm would pass and the festival grounds would reopen (as they do every year), but this year’s storm was entirely different. As many Electric Forest veterans know, the festival always has one storm, but it is typically brief and a one-off occurrence. However, this year attendees were met with two storms, both on Saturday and Sunday, and it was much more intense than previous years. But instead of dampening our spirits, the rainstorm turned into something unexpectedly beautiful.

The rain was like nature’s own music, each drop adding to the beat of the festival. It washed over us, cooling us down from the heat and giving camp mates intimate moments of friendship and connection. You could see strangers helping one another, lending a hand, and the sharing of resources. Instead of letting the storm bring the vibes down, many of us embraced the unknown and decided to dance right there in the rain, laughter and joy mixing with the sound of the downpour. Although we were in a storm, the rain took on a magical quality. Lights reflected off the water, and as the clouds broke, we could see a full strawberry moon and the stars above it. The sense of community was palpable and not once did the music stop in the campgrounds even during the rainstorm.

Dancing in the Rain

Watching everyone embrace the storm was something special. As someone who has always hated rain, this experience gave me a whole new outlook on it. For once, I decided to let go of control and enjoy the moment in front of me. And I, too, embraced the rain. The rainstorm became a shared experience, a moment of collective euphoria that brought us all closer together. A memory that brought us back in touch with reality and gave us all a better sense of ourselves.

When the storm finally let up, the forest looked like it had been sprinkled with magic. Everything felt fresh and new, like the rain had washed away not just the dust but also any worries we’d brought with us. The festival ending early could have been a half glass empty situation, but as there were so many highlights from the weekend, we must remember that our glass remained half full. 

A Lasting Memory

Electric Forest 2024 will always be remembered for its sheer beauty and the rainstorm that brought us all together. I had a dear friend of mine come up to me at the end of it all and say, “thank you for bringing me here…I needed this…I now have a renewed sense of faith in humanity.”

This year showed us that sometimes the best moments are the ones we don’t plan for. 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Till we meet again, keep those forest memories alive in your hearts. Remember to practice gratitude and be a kind person.

Happy Forest! I can’t wait to see you all next year!

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