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Homebass has our Hearts

Wow, Homebass just keeps getting better and better every time we go! Our hearts are seriously so pumped after the amazing weekend we had, tearing up the dance floor at our go-to rave hotel.

Photo taken by Jacob Levine.

The production this year was on a whole new level! Watching Peekaboo crush it on the MainStage was straight-up mind-melting. It's nuts how a hotel ballroom can transform into this crazy, wild party place.

We made tons of new friends and heard lots of new music! With six different stages, including two right by the pool, we were living our best lives. The Maestro Bus was our afters spot—nothing beats throwing back some pre-workout before going strong till 6 am. Total vibe!

The pool parties at Homebass were the ultimate daytime move. Cannabliss and Wreckno totally killed it! Picture this: jumping into the pool, getting down to some bass, with the stage right there in front of you—absolute bliss.

Saturday night was perfect, everyone looked fire in their Ravebae Couture fits. I love how ravebae encapsulates all different kind of rave fashion into their brand, truly something for everyone.

Photo taken by Jonatan Manjarres.

All in all, Homebass was the place to be. Counting down the days till next year for another epic time!

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