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Inside the Electric World of Project Glow ✨💗

As Project Glow kicked off in DC, I was preparing to have a fun-filled weekend adventure, excited to see old friends, let my hair down, and dance my worries away. All pretty standard for a music festival, right? 

Well, last weekend was far more special than I had anticipated, all thanks to The Festival Babes. I was able to share my love of EDM music and this awe-inspiring community with my partner, Ben. He had a minor surgery the week before so I had anticipated that I would be doing this festival alone. But Ben, a self proclaimed extreme extrovert, was not going to be able to handle the FOMO of being left home, so he grabbed some crutches and soldiered on. And goodness, am I so thankful that he did because this festival is now a core memory we share. 

For our entire relationship, Ben has heard the excitement with which I describe the infectious energy of the EDM community. The freedom you feel to walk up to a stranger and compliment them/give them a gift/etc. This weekend, Ben saw a side of my life that he has only ever heard stories about. If you have never experienced this community, you might be skeptical to the sense of welcomeness I'm describing. But there is no need to wonder if that magic exists, because the magic is palpable as soon as you enter the festival grounds. From your first step, you are surrounded by exquisite art, vibrant colors, and a sea of people with smiles from ear to ear. The music vibrates through your body as your eyes catch dazzling displays all around you. 

Project Glow was Ben’s first festival, well EDM festival. He is a lighting designer, so he builds/runs lights for shows all over the East Coast. He has always heard me rave (pun intended) about the lights and production at EDM shows so he was excited to witness the art unfold, especially once the sun went down. Getting to watch his eyes light up as we stood in the middle of the crowd will be a moment I will truly never forget. It was so incredible to see him thrive as he interacted with other beautiful souls. That’s when I realized what originally drew me to him: his infectious positive energy that he shared with everyone.  The EDM community is such a beautiful example of how humans can co-exist and interact in such positive ways. Guess I have a type, huh? 

When we arrived at the festival, I was worried that he would get tired quickly, but Insomniac made sure that all attendees were able to have a sensational time. I’ve been physically handicapped for the last 5 years, but my love of music has often pushed me past my physical limitations because I crave the ability to enjoy things just like everyone else. Admittedly, the first day of the festival did not go to plan because I was already exhausted from traveling and my chronic pain was flaring. Just when I thought I was going to have to tap out and go home, I met another raver: Clarissa, who shared her experience of needing mobility aids to comfortably attend festivals. She truly empowered me to utilize the resources available and guided me to the ADA tent where we were able to get wristbands which allowed us access to raised platforms with chairs available. 

On the raised platform by the Eternal stage, we met a sweet man in his late 80s. We laughed

and danced together to Zedd as fireworks burst into the sky illuminated by lasers. At the end, I hugged him and spoke into his ear, “Thank you for sharing your joy with me. Seeing you bright and enjoying life has me excited for the future rather than worrying I’ll lose the ability to do the things I love.” Emotional breakthrough, check.  I gained the wisdom that fun does not have to stop as we grow older. For the rave babies out there, it’s been my experience that every festival teaches me a lesson about life and expands my thought processes in a beautiful way.

At Project Glow, we were able to show up as our authentic selves and enjoy the experience with people of all walks of life. In this vibrant community, differences were celebrated, and connections were forged on the dance floor. The pulsating rhythms and soaring melodies served as the backdrop to unforgettable moments of unity and euphoria. And amidst the sea of bodies, the dazzling light shows and electrifying performances transported us to a realm of pure bliss.

Experiences like this festival are the reason that I and many others are drawn to this community and continue to seek out these adventures. As the final beats echoed into the night, we left with hearts full of love for the music and gratitude for the accepting embrace of our fellow festival-goers. The memories of Project Glow will forever shine brightly in our minds, a testament to the transformative power of electronic music and the beauty of coming together as one. While I may be sad that the event is over, I’m able to smile, knowing that as long as The Festival Babes are around, the next time is just around the corner. 

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