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Locus Tulum: Where Rhythms Meet Paradise - A Musical Journey into the Heart of Mexico

Stepping into the vibrant energy of Locus Festival in Tulum, we embarked on a journey filled with anticipation and open-mindedness. As a first-time visitor to both Tulum and a full Drum n Bass festival, I was ready to immerse myself in the unknown, and little did I know, I was about to experience a week that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Our adventure began the moment we touched down in Mexico, greeted by the warm embrace of the tropical vibes. Our sanctuary for the week, Naala Tulum, a gem nestled within the beautiful jungle of Tulum, provided the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation between our festival escapades. With its rooftop oasis and luxurious accommodations, Naala set the stage for an unforgettable week ahead.

Starting with Day Zero, the pre-party at Casa Tulum, served as a preview of all that was waiting for us at the festival. Under the groovy beats curated by Alyssa Rose, the girls and I danced the night away, foreshadowing all of the fun that awaited us in the days to come.

Night one unfolded at Leemba Beach Club, a beach paradise where the line between sand and stage blurred into a seamless fusion of music and nature. As we stepped onto the beach, the energy of the venue took our breath away, while the melodies drifting through the air immediately made us want to take our shoes off and dance. The elevated element from the second floor offered panoramic views of the festivities and the stunning backdrop of Tulum's coastline.

The remainder of our adventure awaited us at Buuts’ Ha’ Cenote club, an oasis where the natural world and the sounds of Drum n Bass met in perfect harmony; something I never thought I’d experience. Descending into the Cenote, we were greeted by the beauty of the venue, where the crystal clear waters mirrored the energy radiating from the stage. The attentive staff ensured our every need was met, allowing us to lose ourselves in the music and the moment. 

Yet, beyond the breathtaking venues and world class DnB, it was the sense of community  and connection that was created by Locus that truly elevated the experience. In the company of fellow music lovers from around the globe, we found ourselves on the dance floor together, united by our shared passion for Drum n Bass and the power of music.

Among the standout performances were sets by Emily Makis, London Elecktricity, S.P.Y, Pola & Bryson, and TeeBee, each providing us with amazing music that wouldn’t let us stop moving. As the sun dipped below the horizon each night, I really took in these moments with everyone, realizing that these memories would last forever in my mind, far beyond just the week of this festival.  The Babes really made my experience that much more beautiful and I am so grateful to have met each one of them.

Locus Festival in Tulum was something special; it was a transformative journey that left a mark on my heart and soul. From the vibrant beats to the breathtaking views, every moment was filled with a sense of wonder and possibility. As I reflect on this unforgettable experience, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful souls I met, the amazing music I danced to, and the beauty of Tulum that will forever hold a piece of my heart. Locus Tulum is a festival I see myself returning to: it is a place where dreams are realized and memories are made to last a lifetime.

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Honestly talking to a few of you on the shuttle left me thinking why are u ladies here? None of you knew the DJs or any of the songs or even what drum and bass was? Kind of disrespectful if you ask me .

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