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Love, Acceptance, Tons of Glitter, and a Forever Family

By : Megan Delaune

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Hey Tribe!!  📷

Festival season is in full swing and something magical has happened for me this season! I was introduced to a wonderful group of women via social media that I never even knew were out there. They reached out to me via Instagram and I’m so excited they did! The group is called The Festival Babes and they’re on multiple social media platforms. Go find them and say hi (I know you’re already headed there) haha! This is a group of empowering females that promote love, safety, acceptance, and new friendships in the EDM world. These ladies are so incredibly uplifting and truly have the best hearts out there. That example leads me to the fact that everyone in the EDM community, in general, must be the best humans on the entire planet! I have made so many friendships during my time in the festival circle and I wouldn’t change a thing!

One beautiful thing about the EDM community is the acceptance. I have NEVER stepped into a community like this one. I have been a part of the EDM lifestyle since I was 18 (I’m 28 now) and not for one second have I been disappointed. I have been in and out of other communities but did not stay due to, well, people not being as kind as I was hoping.   From the music, to the people, to the fun….you just feel at home. Your soul just feels peaceful. It was a part of my heart that was missing in my younger years and finding something to fill that missing piece with was so important to me. I have met a ton of EDM community members from all around the world with different backgrounds, races, genders, body types, etc and not a single one of them were rude, disrespectful, or not accepting. I was welcomed with open arms (literally…all the hugs!!) to any group I walked up to or any single person there. It’s a love that you just can’t describe fully until you have experienced it for yourself. Not to mention everyone is dressed up super cute and they’re very excited to tell you why and how they chose their outfits. 📷

Which leads me to my next reason for loving this world so much! I have always been self conscious about my weight. It bothers me. It makes me feel awkward. I try to hide in clothes that are far to big for me. Do I do that at festivals? NOPE. I’m not by any means severely overweight, just slightly, but that doesn’t matter at all to them. I have seen girls curvier than me in way less clothes than I could have ever imagined. I have seen “big” girls in tight clothes, showing their stomachs, wearing short skirts, etc. Wow. They’re ROCKING it out and they look absolutely stunning.  Their curves are HOT!!! This brought me to the realization that I can do this too! I can wear what I want. I can be who I am. There is no judgement here. There’s just love. Body positivity is a recurring theme here and I love every bit of that! These curvy festival girls gave me confidence to love my body and to stop worrying about what I look like. Instead, dress up in something you love and feel good in, rock some cute makeup and hair, pile on the glitter, and get out there! Go mingle with the men and women of EDM. No matter who they are, what they look like, etc they’re going to love you. I promise. In my ten years, I have never seen otherwise.

To the kind, beautiful people out there…thank you. You’ve made an impact on me and everyone else. You never know what your own confidence can do for a stranger and I will always appreciate it. I feel connected so deeply to this community because they have taught me to love myself, how to love others fully, and how to have fun no matter what you look like in your outfit because you look HOT!  I’m forever grateful and I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. I don’t mind being the grandma dancing in the sequin leotard one bit! haha.

So, get out there and fest it up!! Go rave crazy. Go to them all! I can bet you 100% that you’ll never look back once you try it out. The music is killer. The outfits are sparkly. The glitter is infectious. The attitudes are free and happy. The people are a breath of fresh air you never knew you needed. Most importantly? You’ll become part of a community that loves you with their whole heart. No questions asked.

Reach out if you’re going to a festival soon! I’d love to meet up with you! I go quite often so just get in touch. My contact info is here on this website. Also, please don’t forget to reach out to my friends at The Festival Babes. I’ll be with their group at Imagine Music Festival this year in Georgia. Come visit with us and have the time of your life!


-Megan Delaune

I have tons of pics but this is one of my favorites. I did not know any of these people before these festivals by the way. Now, they’re family. ♥

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