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Moonrise First Times: East Coast, VIP, and ADA

Written by: Carley aka Plurfairy

Moonrise Festival was an out-of-this-world experience that was held in Baltimore, Maryland this past week. I was fortunate enough to experience Moonrise with The Festival Babes where I got to embark on many firsts. Here is my first experience with being on the East Coast, trying out VIP, and lastly experiencing a festival with an injured ankle and giant boot.

Having it be my first time on the east coast I realized very quickly how different 70 degrees in California is compared to 70 degrees in Maryland. The east coast is humid and the weather can change any second. It even rained the second night we attended! So it is good to pack for all weather scenarios and purchase a locker so you can store extra clothes in case you get cold. I also found that many east coast ravers give you a good amount of room when dancing. Everyone was super kind and liked to give out little trinkets randomly, like tiny ducks, babies, or necklaces!

This was my first time in VIP and I do have to say it is a game changer, from a hair station, shaded structures, and nicer bathrooms. The VIP stage area was less crowded than GA, and they had various seating options from hammocks, chairs, couches, and stools! I found myself staying mostly in VIP even with my ADA pass because of how spacious it was!

Last but certainly not least, this was my first experience having to need ADA because I was in a boot for my ankle. The accessibility from each stage was a bit difficult because of the mud and woodchips. However, Moonrise Festival did mention online that they do not have wheelchair or scooter assistance at the event. So, I knew going into the festival there was a possibility of it being hard to walk around. For someone injured like me, it was very nice to have my own viewing platform where I could rest my ankle and enjoy the set without being afraid that someone was going to step on my boot!

All in all, these three first-time experiences went well! I loved the east coast beauty and rave scene, and it was an honor being able to experience VIP with The Festival Babes! I do recommend not being injured at a festival as it does make it harder for moving from stage to stage, however, the festival did provide accommodations for those like me who need extra assistance when enjoying the shows!

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