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Our May Just Got Funnier: How Funny Water Became the Must-Have Festival Drink

When it comes to summer music festivals, there's no shortage of vibrant energy, and captivating performances. Yet, among the music, we’ve been sipping on a refreshing and delightful beverage that puts a twist on alcohol and hydration—Funny Water.

This summer, The Festival Babes brought Funny Water to two major May festivals: Sol Fest Music & Arts Festival and Lightning in a Bottle. Here’s a look at how this unique beverage made a splash at these events, becoming the go-to refreshment for festival-goers.

Funny Water: The Refreshing Twist

Before diving into the festivals, let’s talk about what makes Funny Water so special. Unlike your typical festival drinks, Funny Water is a low-alcohol, fruit-infused beverage that balances fun and refreshment. With only 3.75% alcohol by volume, it’s designed to keep you hydrated while you enjoy the festivities, thanks to its added electrolytes and lack of carbonation, which means no bloating or heavy feeling—just pure, crisp refreshment.

Sol Fest Music Festival: Funny Water, The Star of the Show

Held in the heart of summer, Sol Fest Music Festival is known for its vibrant atmosphere, multi-genre music lineup, and insane art installations. This year, The Festival Babes took their festival experience up a notch by introducing Funny Water to the mix.

The Festival Babes hosted several activations and meetups, for all Sol Fest attendees to attend and participate. Sol Fest’s Got Talent, hosted by The Festival Babes, was sponsored by Funny Water, and the beverages were handed out to all 21+ attendees. The talent show winner walked away with packs of Funny Water to enjoy and share with their rave fam. The Festival Babe’s media team captured the joyful moments and positive feedback from festival-goers who couldn’t get enough of Funny Water.

Lightning in a Bottle: Electrifying Moments with Every Sip

Lightning in a Bottle is more than just a music festival; it’s an immersive experience that blends music, art, wellness, and community. This year, The Festival Babes made sure Funny Water was part of this transformative journey.

At Lightning in a Bottle, The Festival Babes provided cases of Funny Water to content creators to enjoy throughout the weekend. The beverage's light, fruity flavors complemented the festival’s holistic vibe, offering a delightful alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks.

The Festival Babes hosted a meetup featuring Funny Water, to get Saturday started off with a bang, before exploring all the art and performances that LIB had to offer. The Festival Babes also documented their experience extensively on their blog and social media, sharing tips on staying hydrated and enjoying the festival responsibly. Their content not only highlighted the benefits of Funny Water but also inspired their followers to make mindful choices while still having a fantastic time.

The Perfect Pairing: Festivals and Funny Water

The introduction of Funny Water at Sol Fest Music Festival and Lightning in a Bottle by The Festival Babes made the month of May a standout for the rest of this festival season . Its unique blend of light alcohol content and hydrating properties made it an ideal choice for festival-goers looking to enjoy the music and festivities without compromising on hydration or wellness

So, the next time you’re packing for a festival or planning a summer outing, don’t forget to bring along some Funny Water. Cheers to good times and great hydration!

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