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Rave Wear For Curvy Rave Babes

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Submitted by : Kelsey Mogell

Photo credits - @IHeartRaves

As a bigger girl, when I started getting into raving and festivals, I struggled with my fashion choices...majorly!! Part of this was definitely due to my own insecurities, but it was also partly due to the fact that several years ago, many rave wear companies hadn't started catering to ladies like me yet. I wear an xl-xxl/14-16 depending on the brand and how it fits. Yes, I CAN wear a lot of the skimpy stuff that's made in my size if I want to, but I want to be cute and comfy! Running around a fest all day is exhausting and when your thighs start chafing you start to regret your fashion choices.

Lately though, I've been extremely pleasantly surprised that many major rave retailers gave started to cater to us bigger babes! Rave Wonderland, iHeartRaves, and Freedom Rave Wear all carry plus sizes now. What's amazing is that a lot of it is the same styles in bigger sizes, so you and your festie bestie can still match! I've personally had a lot of success with iHeartRaves for booty shorts and bodysuits lately. Ladies, bodysuits are your friend (especially if they have snaps in the crotch for easy bathroom breaks)!!!

I also love shopping on Etsy for my rave gear because the creators on there are often able to customize something for you! Coquetry Clothing is one of my absolute favorites on there! They will not only custom size your items, they'll custom DESIGN items for you!

My go-to festival outfits have become either a) a sexy but comfy bodysuit with fishnet tights and combat boots; or, b) a custom (self-made) rave bra with some cute booty shorts and fishnets with combat boots.

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