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Texas Eclipse Fest 2024: Immersed in the Magic

We traveled from Los Angeles to Burnet for the once in a lifetime experience at Texas Eclipse Festival. It was truly unlike any music festival we had ever been to. Many people journeyed from around the world for this amazing astrological event. We met so many awesome individuals and connected with beautiful souls. 

It was definitely one of the biggest festivals we had ever been to; the campgrounds were massive. We did glamping for the first time. Since we were flying from out of state, it was the best option. The campgrounds were not too far from the festival grounds and had its own showers, nice bathrooms, water refill station, and food vendors. It took us a full day to really get the lay of the land. The first night we spent over an hour walking around in circles in the dark trying to find our camp. That’s just part of the festie game though… Sometimes you gotta get really lost in the beginning, but overtime you find your way. Once we remembered the major landmarks around our camp and discovered the shortcuts, getting around was a total breeze. 

The music at the festival was incredible! There were so many different performers from all

around the world. It was very diverse and international, there was something for everyone. The stages, art installations, and programming were very impressive; there was so much to see and do. We fell in LOVE with the Sun Stage, which was the PsyTrance stage. Even though we didn’t know a single artist on the lineup, we discovered a new genre obsession! It was so upbeat and the energy at that stage was intoxicating. We took off our shoes and the ground was all little pebbles, which felt so nice on our bare feet. Everyone was dancing so hard and not giving a single F; it was so liberating. We kept getting called back to this stage and not being able to leave. This genre dominates the electronic music festival scene in places like Australia and Europe. After our PsyTrance adventures, we decided we NEED to go check out the bush doof (that’s what they call festies in Aus) ASAP!

And to address the obvious fact that the last day of the festival got canceled hours before the eclipse… It was definitely a huge let down. We were so looking forward to the last day. It was supposed to be THE BEST DAY. It was the day with the best lineup and the eclipse aka the reason why we were all gathered there in the first place. Some people left immediately upon hearing the news, but we decided to just stay and make the most of it. The big storm wasn’t predicted to hit until Tuesday, but to ensure that everyone got out safely, they made the decision to completely end it. We walked down to the food vendors by our camp and watched the eclipse with everyone that also stuck around. Despite the bad news, spirits were high and it was a really special moment. It was a bit cloudy, but right at the perfect time, the clouds parted and you could see the eclipse perfectly. It was dark for over 4 minutes and it was so magical to witness, I had goosebumps the entire time. Seeing the total eclipse made it all worth it. Although it wasn’t how we expected it to be, it was exactly what it was supposed to be and we are so grateful for the experience! We recognize that although we had a rather smooth and positive experience, many others didn’t. Our hope is that we can all grow as a community and work together to ensure everyone has fun and safe time in the future. Keep looking out for one another and finding the magic wherever you go!

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