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The Festival Babes Makes Their International Debut at Croatia's Sonus Festival

In the heart of the EDM scene, The Festival Babes has been cultivating a community of music lovers, connection, and empowerment. While this group was originally created as a woman-centered organization, it has become a driving force in enhancing the festival experience across the United States. The Festival Babes have earned their stripes as one of the fastest-growing and premier influencer management groups in the nation. With over 5,000 active members and growing, they've worked alongside renowned festivals in the United States such as Bonnaroo, Electric Zoo, and Electric Forest.

This summer, The Festival Babes are making their debut internationally. After returning from Shambhala Music Festival in Canada, they are venturing across the Atlantic to celebrate their first European festival appearance at Sonus Festival 2023, on the beautiful shores of Pag Island, Croatia.

As the sun-drenched shores of Pag Island, Croatia prepare to host the 10th anniversary of Sonus Festival, electronic music lovers from around the world are gearing up for an unparalleled experience. From the 20th to the 24th of August 2023, the island welcomes festival-goers to a five-day extravaganza of music featuring over 90 artists from all ocer the world. With its unique blend of world-class artists, breathtaking open-air locations, and vibrant party atmosphere, Sonus Festival is the ideal way to spend a European summer vacation.

Imagine being surrounded by the glistening Adriatic Sea, basking in the warmth of the Croatian sun, with your favorite artists playing open-air sets just steps away from the beach. Sonus Festival delivers this very dream, bringing to life the perfect summer rave... and there's no better way for The Festival Babes themselves.

With over 90 artists, both international headliners and local heroes, Sonus Festival boasts its success in its commitment to a stacked lineup. converge on Pag Island to craft an auditory journey that transcends borders and languages. From established underground superstars to promising newcomers, the festival presents a diverse spectrum of electronic music genres, ensuring that every attendee finds their sonic sanctuary. Techno raves, laid-back house parties, and mesmerizing sun-downer gatherings all find a home within the carefully crafted soundscapes of Sonus.

Sonus Festival's 10th anniversary marks a momentous chapter in its legacy, a culmination of a decade-long journey that has transformed Pag Island into a utopian dance paradise. With the sun-soaked Adriatic Sea as its backdrop, a symphony of beats resonates through the air, uniting music enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. As the festival-goers gather on the shores of Croatia, they're not just celebrating the music; they're celebrating the shared memories, the friendships forged, and the universal language of electronic music that knows no boundaries. In 2023, Sonus Festival continues to illuminate the path where rhythm and unity intersect, promising a jubilant celebration of both the past and the boundless possibilities of the future.

The Festival Babes' debut collaboration at Sonus Festival 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the company. This international endeavor isn't just about the music – it's about embracing diverse experiences. On the coasts of Croatia, attendees can not only enjoy the parties, but also experience local culture, and enjoy beachside activities, such as horseback riding or kayaking. The Festival Babes are thrilled to capture and share this transformative journey with their American followers, as they redefine the essence of festival experiences – a fusion of music, culture, and unforgettable connections.

For more information on Sonus Festival, check out their website here.

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Maira Peralta
Maira Peralta
Aug 19, 2023

Everything about this festival sounds like magic! I am so excited to experience this with the babes and celebrated birthday ✨🥹

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