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The Festival Babes Soak Up The Sun at Sol Fest

The Festival Babes dove into Sol Fest with a number of exciting and engaging events for all attendees. Passholders were invited to soak, stretch, and de-stress throughout the weekend.

The Festival Babes kicked off the festival with a FUNdamentals Yoga class led by yoga instructor Renee Miller. The class took place by the waterpark beneath the shade structure. Attendees relaxed, stretched it out, and prepared for the weekend's festivities.

woman doing yoga pose in the sun standing on a towel in the sand
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Yencik

On day 2 of Sol Fest, The Festival Babes hosted a Tie-Dye Party in collaboration with Deep Eddy Vodka and Jell-O Man. Attendees cooled off by slip-and-sliding into the waterpark, then could tie-dye their own The Festival Babes and Deep Eddy branded t-shirts while enjoying jello shots.

tie dye shirts laying on grass
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Yencik

On the final day of Sol Fest, The Festival Babes invited pass holders to The Saloon to decompress with a Festie Bestie Massage Workshop hosted by Heady Healers. Attendees were able to relax, massage it out, and get ready for the final day of the festival.

girl sitting braiding hair and massaging another girl
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Yencik

In addition to a number of fun activities, The Festival Babes also hosted a group meetup by the mainstage for all to come and dance together! Those who came to the meetup were able to make new friends, dance together, and enjoy the best bass music in the south!

group of women posing at a festival stage
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Yencik

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