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The Festival Babes with Sara Benyo x Project Glow Interview

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Sara Benyo graced the Pulse Stage at Project Glow as one of 2023s most up and coming artists. Sara is known for her vocal features on many tracks by big dubstep artists such as Jessica Audifred but is rapidly making a name for herself in the industry as a multifaceted artist. The DJ, producer, and singer sat down with Melanie from The Festival Babes for an exclusive interview in Washington DC during Project Glow.

Melanie: So Sara, what inspired you to build a music career?

Sara: Oh my gosh, where do I begin?! Both of my parents are musicians, my mom’s a singer/songwriter and my dad’s a guitar player who owned his own music business so it kinda runs in my blood! I grew up playing piano (from) the age of 5, did choir, and grew up in church singing. Pretty much did everything I could musically.

Melanie: Yeah, it really sounds like it!

Sara: At the age of 19 I was kind of like “Okay, I can do the Indie route, or I can do the Electronic route”. And I really loved the idea of singing and bringing happiness to people through music and dancing, so that’s ultimately the route I chose.

Melanie: That’s amazing! As a vocalist, DJ, and producer you really do it all. Do you feel like you gravitate towards one medium more than the others?

Sara: Honestly, not necessarily. I really love it all. I feel like my brain is always craving creativity, so whether it’s through my lyricism, or through creating instrumental tracks, I really honestly love it all.

Melanie: Yes! Every day is different, right?