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The Melodic Face of Drum and Bass – An Interview with Feint

Technical precision, listener’s adrenaline, and asserting dominance in the drum and bass has echoed in Feint’s musical imprint on the electronic dance music scene since his initial release on Monstercat in the label’s inaugural album, "001 - Launch Week”. Since then, Andrew Hu, the defining face of Feint, has constructed an underground harmony of energetic yet melancholic melodies and hyper vigor bass sets. Further distinguishing himself among the drum and bass community, his collaborative tracks, "We Won't Be Alone" and "Words," featuring vocalist Laura Brehm are beloved around the globe earning millions of streams on Spotify. Feint continues to capitalize on his natural musical abilities to distinguish his discography while preserving fundamental elements of drum and bass with his first release of 2024, Hope I Did Okay. On the behalf of The Festival Babes, I, Mary Mason, had the opportunity to discuss with Feint about the meaning behind his stage name, his latest release, and the growing formation of his discography. 

TFB: Thank you so much for your time! You have a super interesting stage name! How did you know “Feint” worked perfectly for your sound and methods in creating Drum & Bass?

Feint: Thanks for having me! Honestly, I didn’t, I never expected anyone to listen to the music I released under the name so it was a pretty random decision!

TFB: “Hope I Did Okay” is your second official release of 2024–congratulations by the way! What inspires you to remain releasing new music to this day? 

Feint: Thanks so much! I guess it’s hard to feel uninspired to at least try and create new music, I think being creative and making stuff (no matter what it is) is somewhat the human default. Some people don’t think they’re creative, but I honestly don’t think that’s true, I think they just haven’t found the art that calls to them!

TFB: Speaking of “Hope I Did Okay”, (and if it’s not too personal) what are some of your other hopes?

Feint: I honestly just hope I can keep doing okay. :)

TFB: What is your favorite track or ID from your discography and why?

Feint: Just earlier today, I went back and listened to the Weavers EP. I have such a soft spot for those tracks, and I’d say at the moment they’re some of my favorites.

TFB: There are a multitude of EDM subgenres to fall in love with, what was the biggest motivator for you to produce Drum & Bass? 

Feint: I just have a lot of memories and nostalgia as well as a continuing love of the genre I think! It’s just so broad, there’s super chilled out melodic music on one end of the spectrum and super heavy stuff on the other end. I really like having that variety!

TFB: Would you ever consider starting a side project that could act as another home for your music? Maybe a record label or radio show of your exclusive mixes? Feint: Not at the moment honestly! I’m more just focusing on still releasing music as that’s where most of my musical passion lies. 

TFB: As you're a major face in DnB, how would you like to see your discography evolve from this point on?

Feint: I’m not sure, really! I tend not to think about it too much and just write what I’m comfortable with or inspired by at the current moment, and just try and express that as best I can! I am trying to be better at actually finishing tracks at the moment and not fussing over them for too long before releasing them. I think that so long as I can keep doing that I’ll be happy!

TFB: What is the biggest life lesson you learned that has ultimately helped your musical career?

Feint: Everything is temporary so you might as well attribute value to the things you love and do them the best you can, and not care what anyone else thinks. 

TFB: I’m new to exploring DnB along with so many other new ravers joining the EDM scene. We’re curious to know what production methods can create the DnB we love to hear! What traits or production methods stick out to you when you’re listening to excellent DnB?

Feint: That’s a tough one to be honest. There’s so many different sounds within the genre as I mentioned earlier, from beautiful liquid to super deep rollers to heavy tearout stuff. I think the trait that sticks out the most is if the style of production supports the vibe the track is going for, and if it expresses the atmosphere well. With more dance floor oriented stuff, it really needs to hold the energy as well as take into account how fast the tempo is, which isn’t always easy to do!

TFB: Can you share any details with your fans about new projects, tracks, or a tour on the rise for 2024?

Feint: I’m working on a ton of new projects at the moment, lots of collabs, solo tracks, some EPs. I’ll definitely have more information as things start to fall into place! 

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