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Training for Your First Festival Back!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

So, it’s been awhile since we’ve done this whole festival thing, right? Well, I wanted to put together a little list of things you can do to prepare yourself for your first festival back post Covid! My biggest piece of advice to you is start early, and treat it like preparing for a big sporting competition.

To do as far in advance as possible:

Step 1: Start doing cardio right now. If you think it’s too soon to start training up your endurance, it’s probably too late and you should get a move on that (literally).

Step 2: Try on your shoes beforehand and break them in around your home! [Hint Hint: You can even throw in some burpees and other exercises to check off step 1 at the same time ;)] The last thing you want ruining your day is a blister!

Step 3: While completing step 2, try on your outfits you have planned to wear and identify any areas that may be uncomfortable or cause chafing! Through many years of running and unwanted chafing, I have learned that applying deodorant to the affected area can reduce friction, therefore reducing chafing! (Example: Apply deodorant to both inner thighs in order to decrease inner thigh chafing) Wearing fishnets can also reduce chafing between the thighs!

To do the week prior to the festival:

Step 4: HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! And I’m not talking about pop and sugary drinks! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the week leading up to the event as well as drinks that contain electrolytes! You’ve made it this far, don’t let dehydration take you out of the game!

Step 5: EAT ALL THE CARBS! But for real, carb load 2-3 days prior to the start of the festival. A lot of people try to skimp on meals leading up to a festival in order to “look better” in their outfits, but then end up crashing at the festival and wondering why. The reality is, YOU WILL LOOK FANTASTIC NO MATTER WHAT! Also, your body NEEDS food to function. Consuming healthy, complex carbs such as whole grains will give your body the energy to carry you through the finish line standing, rather than crawling!

Step 6: Lay out all of your outfits/accessories a day or two prior so you can identify any last minute things you may be missing!

Step 7: Coordinate transportation to and from the festival in advance! Determine if you will have a designated driver, use rideshare, take public transportation, etc. You’ve been training a while for this, so now you just need to [safely] get to the start line and home from the finish line!

Step 8: Pack everything you will need the night before so you are less likely to forget something and so you have plenty of time to get ready the day of!

To do the day of the festival:

Step 9: Wake up and eat a good breakfast! You’ve fueled your body all week so don’t stop now!

Step 10: Start getting ready earlier than you think you might need to! It is better to be ready ahead of schedule rather than be scrambling around at the last minute!

Step 11: Arrive at the festival and HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

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