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We Belong Here is More than a Music Festival

Since moving to Miami in 2020 I have heard a lot of buzz about the festival We Belong Here. Unfortunately the past two years I was unable to attend but my friends that had went all told me amazing things about the festival. It seemed like they were constantly rubbing it in my face - how good the food was, the love you could feel throughout the crowd, and of course dancing on the beach to incredible djs. I had to see what it was like for myself. It exceeded my expectations by a lot - and I had high expectations.

I started my weekend on Friday night with a visit to The Festival Babes content house. I was welcomed with open arms, an incredible DJ, Passion Tree mini seltzers to drink, and an empty gift bag to fill with ColourPop Cosmetics. I knew instantly that this was going to be a good weekend and a great group of people to spend it with. After some time mingling I went home to get a good nights sleep to prepare for the weekend ahead of me.

On Saturday morning I tried out all my new ColourPop makeup including the cutest glitters and colorful eyeliners. I got dressed in my Banana Pintada matching outfit with my boyfriend and headed over to the content house. Once again the vibes were high and you could feel like excitement in the room.

Finally it was time to head over to the festival! We danced our way into the venue and watched the beautiful sunset over the ocean while dancing in the sand. We Belong Here is located on Virginia Key Beach which is the most beautiful festival venue I could imagine. We all took pictures in our coordinating outfits from Banana Pindata and continued to dance into the night, just to do it all again on Sunday.

Two days of a festival is usually enough for me, I hate feeling drained and tired after a festival. We Belong Here was different. I actually gained energy and felt recharged and invigorated after! This festival brought me a sense of euphoria that I haven’t felt in a long time and it was exactly what I needed. I met so many people who I now call my friends this weekend, and this festival will always hold the biggest space in my heart now. 

We Belong Here is more than a music festival, the stages are beautiful and the music is flowing but the atmosphere is really something special. Smorgasburg curated the food which meant it wasn’t just chicken tenders and fries. Local Miami restaurants with diverse, delicious food were present to really give you that Miami energy, accepting and appreciating different cultures. The Celsius tent was there to keep you going if you needed a boost or there was an area with a hot tea ceremony to calm you down and warm you up. Anything you could ever need was available and it was truly exceptional. We Belong Here really lives up to its name because every person that attended now has a new home every February in Miami. 

My favorite stage of the weekend was the 360 stage, I loved the “boiler room” concept. This is the first festival that I’ve been to with a stage like this. Some of the djs at this stage were Sam Blacky, Wax Motif, Bob Moses, Duke Dumomt, Tchami, and Gordo. The other three stages were called Lost Village, Beach, and Takeover. The festival was super easy to navigate and fun to explore! I definitely will be returning every year from now on. I belong here, you belong here, WE BELONG HERE. 

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