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WEST coast to EAST Coast: How to Pack for Moonrise Festival

The Festival Babes at Moonrise 2022

Moonrise Festival has been around for almost 10 years taking place in Baltimore, Maryland. This August I will flying the farthest I have ever been all the way to the East coast. The rave scene is huge on the West coast and it wasn't until recently I started attending festivals outside of Western region of the United States. I found myself IN LOVE with the rave culture in the East coast! But as pretty little rave girl born in California flying to festivals can take A TON of planning. Here are my biggest tips for flying to festival all the way across the country:

  1. Pre-plan your outfits and only bring ONE back up option

Pre-plan your outfits! I use to bring outfits options and chose based on what I was feeling but then it took up more space in my suitcase! You should plan your fits in advance to allow your self to save space, or at least enough space to buy some merch at the festival. Looking at the vendor village list for Moonrise has got me so excited to see what type of merchandise they are going to be selling! So saving space in your suitcase is a must on the off chance you love merch like me! (Pro-tip: make sure you check the weather of the festival you are flying to 3 days prior to see if you need to make any outfit adjustments!)

2. Pack all accessories with each outfit

I have found it easier to pack all my outfits for each day in gallon ZIPLOC bag. Each bag gets socks, underwear, a top, a bottom, and all the accessories (earrings, belts, necklaces, ears, kandi, goggles, pashmina, etc.)

3. Plan outfits around 1 pair of platforms

I am a platform girlie through and through. However, my suitcase on a good day can only hold about 2 platforms. Moonrise Festival is a 2-day event which means I need to plan 2 outfits that could possibly match with one pair of shoes! Planning to wear one pair of platforms can save you a solid amount of room in your suitcase. I also recommend if you like to wear makeup to pack only 1 palette that goes with your outfits!


You heard me. Pack protein bars to eat on the way to the event to hold you over until the next meal! Remember we are not a one chicken tender type of raver! Food is the fuel to our bodies! Pack Liquid IV in your carry on to start drinking the day before the event to ensure you are properly hydrated! (Pro-tip: pack a small tub of peanut butter in your checked bag! It is great source of protein and healthy fats that will give you immediate energy!)

5. Pack a trash bag for specifically your dirty clothes

This is the best way to keep those sweaty raves clothes separated from your next days outfit! They also make it super easy for when you get back to do laundry! You just throw all your clothes into the washer right when you get back!

I have found these tips have helped me exponentially from flying all over the country. This will be the farthest I have ever flown and I am beyond excited to be doing it with The Festival Babes! Hope to see you all at Moonrise in Baltimore! Remember have fun, drink water, and spread PLUR!

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