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5 Experiences You Don't Want to Miss at Groove Cruise 2024

It truly is the sweet life on deck, all aboard the largest festival cruise ever!! Beyond the

incredible music, we've got the top 5 must-try activities that'll turn your festival

experience up a notch!

1. Go-Kart Racing at the Encore Speedway: Watch the ocean blur by as you

zoom around curves of the largest race track at sea suspended 13 ft over the

side of the ship! At only $15 per person, this is a once and a lifetime experience

you don’t want to miss!

2. Laser Tag: Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure at laser tag in the lost

city of Atlantis. Immerse yourself in the battleground where friends become foes

and strategy is your ultimate weapon! And the best part is this experience is

under $10 per person!

3. Zip Lining at Great Stirrup Cay: Sweep through the lush canopies of paradise

as you embark on the ultimate tropical adventure - zip lining through the Great

Stirrup Cay! Feel the rush of the winds against your face as you soar through the

island's two courses featuring six zips!

4. Virtual Reality at The Galaxy Pavilion: Dive headfirst into a world where reality

takes a backseat and your wildest dreams come to life! Get ready for a high-tech

virtual reality experience on a whole other level with countless realities to


5. Swimming with the Pigs on Great Stirrup Cay: Make a splash with the most

exclusive aquatic companions at Great Stirrup Cay - pigs! Picture yourself

surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters, sharing the sunshine with adorable

tropical piggies, definitely an unforgettable experience!

Along with all these amazing experiences and countless more, many artists such as

Gem & Tauri, Gene Farris, Factor B, and more will be hosting many of these events! We

can't wait to see y'all on the grooviest cruise of the year!

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