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Wakaan Rocks II: Bass, Beats, and Red Rocks’ Boundless Beauty

Our evening started with an electric TFB tailgate surrounded by the stunning views that only Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre can offer. Between bites and beats, we soaked up the sunshine and beautiful Colorado weather before the main event. Excitement buzzed through the lot as friends came together to prepare for the long-awaited return of bass music to this iconic venue. We were so blessed to have amazing sponsors including Escape CamperVans, Psychedelic Water, Dough Counter Pizza, and Wakaan that made the evening unforgettable. 

As the sun set and the sky turned beautiful shades of purples and pinks our ears were graced with the sick sounds of Shanghai Doom B2B Sharlitz Web and Sully B2B G-Rex. Each set was a masterclass in musical synergy, as each artist brought their unique style and flavor to the decks. These sets fostered the perfect energy amongst the crowd as the first set of Liquid Stranger’s three set evening commenced. 

While he's perhaps best known for his contributions to the bass music scene, Liquid Stranger's foray into downtempo music reveals a deeper, more introspective side to his creative expression. He showcased his incredible range of production skills during his first set of the night, the “Downtempo/ Tripped” set. This set included subtle percussion, hypnotic basslines, and incredible psychedelic visuals that kept the crowd engaged from start to finish. It was a beautiful representation of Wakaan’s, downtempo sister-label, Sskwan.

Following the set, the Orlando-based duo, Eazybaked awed the crowd with a fantastic set

full of glitched-out synths, distorted basslines, and warped vocal samples. Their performance was a true testament to their willingness to experiment with unconventional audial textures and effects, resulting in an innovative and immersive experience. It was just what was needed to maintain the excitement radiating through the amphitheater.

As the night continued, the crowd basked in admiration while Liquid Stranger began his second set- the “Throwback” set. The seamless transitions between tracks kept us on the edge of our seats, as he played tunes that would give any OG fan a euphoric sense of nostalgia. As we revisited classic tracks and timeless anthems, our eyes were met with the incredible production combo of pyrotechnics, lasers, and his iconic visuals on a massive LED screen.

Energy only increased as the final set of the night, the “Banger/Powergrid” set, commenced. The set lived up to its name as he unleashed a relentless barrage of heavy basslines, dropping banger after banger that sent shockwaves through the crowd. Throughout the set he brought special guests including Jansten, SoDown, and Gorilla T that added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the already electrifying performance. 

For those fortunate enough to witness this sonic experience, it was more than just another show—it was a transcendental journey through bass music's boundless realms. As the last echoes of bass faded into the night and lasers were replaced with floodlights highlighting the exits, we were left with a sense of awe and gratitude for the unforgettable experience we had shared. None of us departed dissatisfied as the evening held the perfect combination of the natural beauty of the venue with the electrifying energy of Wakaan’s groundbreaking music.

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