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Back to Bonnaroo: Our Favorite Galactic Farm Party

Writing this blog fills me with emotion; my passion and joy for this festival is boundless. This place is my home, Roo solidified my love for the scene and has taught me so much about myself and others. It fills my heart that I get to share the magic of Roo with you all and how it has changed my life. This will be my third Bonnaroo and I am just as excited as I was the first time I visited the farm.

I could easily write a novel about this place, but I'll condense it to offer a glimpse into what the Roo experience is all about:

First and foremost, Bonnaroo is a journey—a transformative week that builds both physical and mental resilience. It just so happens that it falls on the hottest weekend in Manchester, Tennessee, so the heat and the long walks make this festival a bit more physically demanding than others. I know a lot of us like to bender at fests, but please, if you go to Roo hydrate and take care of yourself. The lay of the land is very spread out and the sun shines hard on the farm. You will be thankful for nourishing yourself when you are deep in the crowd and sweating at Post Malone.

When the sun sets and night falls, a different side of Bonnaroo comes to life. The art, lights, set up, and the whole concept of this festival is breathtaking. It is like no other. If you are a side quester you will love the night atmosphere at Roo. Apart from Center Roo, where all the stages are located, there are over 10+ camping plazas, and at each plaza there is a special barn with a special theme. While I don’t want to spoil too much, the camping plazas are one of my favorite parts about Roo, they’re little hidden gems where you can hang and do fun activities at any hour of the day. I personally like to go in the wee hours of the night to end my day.

Lastly, I want to emphasize the sense of community at Bonnaroo. Established in 2002 with headliners like Phish and Dave Matthews Band, Bonnaroo has evolved into a multi-genre extravaganza showcasing both icons and rising stars. Its legacy of inclusivity and experimentation has left a lasting impact on our community. Here, there's something for everyone, and all are welcomed with open arms.

To my fellow bonnaroovians, happy roo and stay true. I cannot wait to see you on the farm.

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