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Big Dub Festival 2023 - A Five-Day Extravaganza of Electronic Music and Festivities

Photos by: Chopped Dubs

Welcome to the world of Big Dub Festival 2023, the longest-running electronic music festival in the Northeast with 13 years behind it. With five days of music and festivities, the festival promises to be an electrifying experience. Their lineup features a variety of dubstep, deep dub, bass music, freeform/experimental, drum & bass, and house music. As a midsize festival, Big Dub may not have the biggest names, but it certainly promises the biggest vibes.

The festival grounds are located on a sprawling 200-acre property with three stages, multiple sound camps, and plenty of space for camping, making it a full-fledged community where the festival-goers can relax and immerse themselves in the experience. With the festival spanning across five days, festival-goers have ample time to explore and soak in the various musical genres.

From the heart-thumping cadence of dubstep to the mesmerizing depths of deep dub, from the rhythmic grooves of bass music to the avant-garde realms of freeform/experimental, and from the adrenaline-pumping vgor of drum & bass to the infectious pulse of house music, Big Dub Festival promises an unparalleled array of sounds and captivating live performances. Headliners such as Barely Alive, EazyBaked, Subdocta, KHIVA, and A Hundred Drums, among others, graced the stage, solidifying the festival's commitment to crafting an unforgettable five-day musical odyssey. Beyond the music, Big Dub Festival also promises a variety of artistic wonders, seminars, theme camps, and workshops. This year Big Dub created unique activations like EMO Prom night, Dubstep Yoga, and sooo many more! We don't want to give too much away, but expect the unexpected when roaming Big Dubs campsites, stages, and grounds. There is always something to do here no matter what your vibe is. Alongside connecting with world-class music and art, Big Dub Festival strives to nurture a sense of community and kinship among attendees. Spanning five days, the festival becomes a melting pot where people from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world forge connections through shared passions. Through the shared experiences of music, art, and festivities, festival-goers will undoubtedly encounter countless individuals who share the same passion for electronic music. Big Dub Festival 2023 was an experience like no other, with its five-day extravaganza of electronic music and festivities. It's an event that promotes a sense of community, and fosters connections among people from all corners of life through shared experiences of music and art. Big Dub's pledge of creating "the most unique and memorable experience possible" is tantalizing, and festival-goers are sure to encounter surprises and unexpected moments throughout their five-day journey. If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Northeast, make sure to add Big Dub Festival 2024 to your agenda, as memories made there will stay with you for a lifetime. PS. If you cant wait that long to experience this incredible experience, check out Lil' Dub Music Festival. The festival is a more intimate version of Big Dub and will be selling a VERY limited amount of tickets! So Hurry, check it out here:


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