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The Basics for Bonnaroo

The average temperature in Tennessee during June is anywhere from the high 80’s to the low 90’s–which means Bonnaroo can get pretty hot. I’ve personally been before, and I know how easy it is to be unprepared for the hot weather and be miserable at camp waiting for the sun to go down. Here are some things you can order on Amazon in order to be prepared and be safe in the Tennessee June heat while partying for 4 days straight.

A rechargeable fan is essential to your campsite. When the sun comes up, your tent becomes an oven and there are barely any trees at camp for any kind of breeze. Being able to charge this up in your car and use it all night and day is vital to staying cool at camp.

Having a fan is so important while you’re in the pit at any set. It gets really stuffy really quickly, so having easy access to a fan makes life in the pit so much more enjoyable. Plus, you can make friends by fanning others!

Cooling towels are so nice to have under your pash or even while you’re at camp awake or asleep. You can dunk them in ice water and use them around your neck, under your armpits, or wherever you need to cool down. You can even use them to take a wook shower!

Like I mentioned before, there’s little to no trees back at the campsite, so having shade is the most important thing so you’re not baking in the heat all day before going to the fest. You can even put up sheets and tapestries around the canopy to keep as much sunlight out as possible–and of course to make your campsite more unique.

Last but most definitely not least, staying hydrated is the absolute most important thing to keep in mind at any festival, but specifically at one like Bonnaroo. There are hydration stations scattered throughout the fest, and having a hydration backpack makes drinking water super easy. How could you forget to drink water when it’s constantly on your back? And of course, you can pick whatever color speaks to you and matches your festie outfits!

If you’re interested in purchasing these products, or more suggested camping products, for Bonnaroo or any camping fest this spicy summer, be sure to click the Amazon Storefront Link provided by our Chief of Operations, Chelle Winn. Support LGBTQ+ creators, especially for the month of June!

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