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Get ready to unleash your mischievous side in Miami at Hocus Pocus—the perfect place for halloweekend! Factory Town is the ultimate setting for our spooky escapade, and we're counting down the seconds until we're dancing at Stella Bossi till 5 in the morning and witnessing the electrifying performance by Patrick Mason. It's safe to say, we're about to live the dream.

For all you babes planning to rave this halloweekend, and, let's be real, if you're anything like me, you're probably leaving your Halloween costume to the very last minute. Fear not! I've got your back with three costume ideas that you can whip up using what's already lurking in your closet.

Starfire: Purple Bodysuit 🤝 Red Wig

First up, channel your inner Starfire with a purple bodysuit and a fiery red wig. Wigs are a game-changer for last-minute costumes, and trust me, the possibilities are endless. I threw together my purple bodysuit from Tasteful Girls and a red wig from a costume party a few years back, and just like that, Starfire came to life. Mix and match accessories, and you're good to go!

Peaky Blinders: Black Bodysuit 🤝 Funky Hat

Next, let's take a stroll with the Peaky Blinders vibe. All you need is a black bodysuit, an old tie, and the right hat to transform into your character. I raided my closet for my Suspex bodysuit, paired it with a fisherman cap from DiscoDisiac, and found an old tie to seal the deal. Rave girls, I know you've got those black bodysuits and funky hats—time to get creative!

Space Cowgirl: Old Sparkle Fits 🤝 Cowgirl Hat

Finally, for my fellow yeehaw enthusiasts, let's embrace the Space Cowgirl aesthetic. Whether it's chrome, sparkle, or metallic, grab your cowgirl hat and let's get it. Raid your vibrant rave clothing collection—I went for pink metallic bottoms from Euphoric Rave Wear and a sequin top from iHeart Raves—and threw on a cowgirl hat for the perfect pink space cowgirl ensemble.

Being last minute is all about letting your creativity shine! As the fabulous rave girlies we are, we've got a treasure trove of fun hats, wigs, sunnies, and old outfits waiting to be transformed. It's time to unleash your magic, ladies! See you at Hocus Pocus for a weekend of enchantment and dancefloor dreams.

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