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How To Prep For Your First Festival

By: Gabrielle C.

The bass is loud, the festival fit photos are on point, the lasers are laser-ing and the music is giving main character energy…but how do you prepare for this? If you’ve never been to a festival and you’re going for the first time, we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to give you useful and easy-to-follow tips on how to prepare for your first ever festival!


When it comes to buying festival tickets, waiting until the last second is not always the best option. Buying earlier is better! Festivals typically sell GA, GA+, and VIP options for tickets in tiers. The tiers are as follows; tiers 1, 2, & 3. There is a limited quantity of tickets sold at each tier. Tier 1 is the most inexpensive and as the tier increases so does the ticket price. The closer to the event, the higher the tier and ticket price will be. This includes one day tickets as well! So be sure to grab your tickets early on and plan ahead!

If you weren’t able to get tickets or had a change of plans and want to attend a festival at the last minute, do not fear! A multitude of EDM (Electronic Dance music) venues, blogs, and companies will do giveaways at the last minute. Follow the Festival Babes on Instagram to keep up to date on our latest giveaways for festival tickets.


Are you color coordinating with your rave buddies, are you matching the theme of the festival itself, or reusing your other festival outfits? The options are endless and sometimes extremely overwhelming.

First things first, you must figure out when your festival is occurring: fall, winter, summer, or spring. Depending on what season and where your festival is located will most likely determine your outfit. For warmer months, it’s always a good choice to go with light-weight and breathable clothing options. For the cooler months, it’s recommended to layer your clothes and bring items such as jackets and pashminas. Footwear is just as important as your outfit. Remember whatever footwear you choose to wear, definitely break them in before getting to the festival grounds because those shoes will be supporting you the entire time you are there! We highly suggest wearing footwear that is comfortable for you!

You can grab great deals on festival websites during new drops, warehouse sales, holidays, and more.

If you want to add a splash of the Festival Babes to your outfit, we have some functional and absolutely adorable bucket hats and mini backpacks available on our site!

Festival Gear

Did somebody say Hydration Packs? Maybe swapping Kandi bracelets? Who needs a make-up wipe, hair tie, or a snack? The list goes on and on. Whether it’s a one-day, three-to-four day, or a week-long festival, bringing a bag to safely and securely hold your personal items is important. Many festival goers prefer hydration packs and or anti-theft bags for festivals! Festivals are fun and safe, yet you can never be too sure about losing your personal items. Or you may just need a quick pick-me-up snack while head-banging to your favorite DJs set.

The more festivals you go to, the more you will learn how to tailor your bag for/to yourself and what you find most useful/what you need.

For your first festival (and every festival hereafter), we recommend these items below:

- Portable Charger-

It is crucial to have some extra juice for your battery, you never know when you might be separated from your festival group or need to contact someone.

- Earplugs-

Loud ringing in your ears after a set is uncomfortable and can be painful. Always pack a set of earplugs to protect your eardrums. There are so many cute, functional ones available that can even match your outfit!

- Snacks-

If you’re able to bring in some snacks, do so! It’s important to snack throughout the day to keep your energy levels up, so you can keep moving and grooving!

- Wipes-

From make-up wipes, to hand wipes and sanitizing wipes. Wipes are a great way to keep you refreshed and feeling clean throughout the day.


Take pictures of the set times and use the map of the festival grounds as your phone background! It is easier to access and you won’t have to unlock your phone so often.

Always time-stamp your text messages, many festivals have spotty reception, and time-stamping your text messages can help you and your friends navigate how to find each other if your group gets separated.

Hydrate! Always have fluids on hand. Hydration packs are a great way to have water handy without having to hold a physical water bottle.

Plan your arrival and departure beforehand. Are you taking a car-pool service, shuttle, driving to the venue? Make sure you have this figured out beforehand, so on the day of the festival you won’t have to worry about your arrival and departure.

PLUR is strong and alive! PLUR(R) stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Most recently Responsibility has been added to the end of the acronym as well.

In the festival and rave scene, PLUR is still alive and thriving.

Festivals are about bringing individuals together through music! Don’t forget to be safe and most importantly have fun at your first festival!

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