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Rave Safe: A Guide for Preventing Theft at Festivals

Music festivals are about losing yourself in the music, not losing your phone to a pickpocket! With pickpocketing on the rise throughout U.S. music festivals, it’s time for us ravers to outsmart the thieves. We know the classic tale of a friend losing their phone faster than you can shuffle all too well. But fear not! We’ve got your back with these super easy tips to keep your personal belongings safe!

1. Don’t Keep Valuables in Your Pockets

Avoid placing your phone and your wallet in your pants pocket at all costs. This is the first place a thief is going to go for.

If you walk through a crowd with your phone in your pocket, you’ll probably have an empty pocket very soon. Instead, hold onto your phone while in a crowd or purchase some anti-theft rave gear.

2. Invest in an Anti-Theft Hydration Pack

An anti-theft hydration pack is an absolute must for frequent ravers. You can keep your peace of mind throughout the whole weekend knowing no one can access your personal items. They are often allowed at smaller venues, which means you can rave with it year-round!

The RaveRunner® by GenZ was designed with ravers in mind. Being equipped with inverted zippers and chest pockets, it is the ideal festival hydration pack. With slash proof fabric, a ton of colorway options, and a 2 liter water bladder, you can safely rave all night long in style.

3. Use a Phone Leash or a Phone Wristlet

Phones are usually the main target for pickpockets. They have different theft techniques you should be aware of. Sometimes it’s a simple pocket swipe without you even noticing, or they might slap your phone out of your hand during a mosh pit. Utilizing a phone leash or a phone wristlet will ensure you never end up phoneless at a fest!

The leash is a great option for those who want to put their phone away in their pack, or in a pocket. The wristlet would be better suited for someone who likes to keep their phone in hand at all times.

They are cheap, easy to install and even easier to remove.

Check out these two great options: Phone Leash and Phone Wristlet.

4. Rent a Locker

If it’s last minute, purchase a locker within the festival! Many festivals, like Ultra Miami and Lost Lands, offer an option to rent a locker for a day or even for the entire weekend. This is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t attend festivals often and isn’t looking to invest in anti-theft rave gear. You can put your phone, wallet and any other personal belongings inside.

The best thing about lockers is that they’re usually big enough to split with a friend! (Be sure to check the locker dimensions first.) You can also store extra clothes in there if the temperature goes down at night. You’ll be comfy, warm, and safe from theft!

5. Last, but Not Least… Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings!

Stay with your friend group and be aware of those around you. Make sure your friends have theft protection measures in place as well. If you’re looking to take a side quest, make sure you know where your phone and wallet are before you leave your group. Place them in a secure place, so you can explore the fest safely.

Periodically check your belongings throughout the day and every time you move locations. This way, if you lose an item, you’ll know exactly where it went missing.

Thieves will often attempt to bump into you to assess accessibility before stealing an item. If someone bumps into you, make sure to check on your belongings. Always trust your gut!

If something happens to go missing, head straight for the Lost & Found. If at first you don’t have any luck finding your item, return to the Lost & Found again at the end of the day. Hopefully a fellow raver will have returned your item by then!


As you prepare for your next festival, keep these tips in mind. Don’t forget to share these tips with your rave squad! If you’re purchasing anti-theft gear, plan ahead to ensure your items arrive on time.

By implementing these simple strategies, you can focus on living in the moment at your next fest. And if you happen to find a lost item, keep the spirit of PLUR alive by turning it into the Lost & Found. Stay safe and rave on!

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