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Somewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere for New Years Eve 2023!

Hèłlô Hümãńš! Prepare yourselves and grab your cowboy hats! A huge country riddim asteroid is about to hit Orlando! Hol! is coming back to Nowhere NYE along with Drinkurwater, Space WizardStoned Level + more to amp up the immaculate vibes set for the night. Whether you like to drink your water after flowing to your favorite song, getting wonky with the wizards or headbanging on another level, we are excited to go into the last day of 2023 with you!

This space themed event will be held at the Majestic Event Center on 12/30/2023 with plenty of room to orbit around and meet new friends! There is even a pre party from 7:30pm to 9:30pm that you will not want to miss out on. Speaking of FOMO... don't forget to stick around for a secret set starting at 2:30am ;)  Limited parking will be available at the venue with an overflow lot across the street. 

The Festival Babes can't wait to embark on this unforgettable night with you! Let's end 2023 with a big bang and go to Nowhere together! 

If you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, do not worry, the rave aliens provided a link from space: TICKETS INTO THE MOTHERSHIP

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