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The Essence of Hocus Pocus: House, Techno, & Espresso Martinis

Our Hocus Pocus weekend was nothing short of a spell-binding journey that left us wishing the spooky season could go on for just a little bit longer. The good vibes and captivating music is still on our mind, and not to mention the greatness we experienced being in the awe-inspiring Factory Town venue.

All three stages at Factory Town are in perfect proximity. This festival was the best size: just enough to explore but nothing too far to make your feet ache in the platforms. To top it off, the festival was serving one of the best espresso martinis I’ve ever had—a touch of luxury that elevated our experience. It was beyond our wildest dreams, creating a perfect blend of exploration and appreciation that defined an unforgettable time.

The magic of smaller festivals lies not just in the unique music we go for but in the intimate atmosphere crafted by our community. These are the moments that withstand the test of time. As I reflect, I can't help but anticipate Hocus Pocus next year, a prospect that promises not just music, mayhem and mischief, but the creation of new friendships. It's incredible how house and techno can fuel the soul the way it does.

Personally, I cannot get over Stella Bossi's closing set on Friday night. The synergy of her energy and the crowd's euphoria created a magnetic force that made it impossible to leave the dance floor. In an Instagram post, Stella even said herself that she partied with the wildest crowd in Miami. There's an unparalleled joy in witnessing a female DJ absolutely pop off. Stella Bossi is the epitome of a queen . If you ever get the chance, make sure to experience her performance—it's wild, sexy, and everything a techno baddie could need.

On Saturday night all the babes wore matching costumes from Suspex. Catwoman, Batman, and a kitty came to life in stereotypical Halloween fashion, but the outfits from Suspex transformed the ordinary into extraordinary. The latex and cutouts of the bodysuit oozed a sexy and mysterious vibe, while finger straps on the sleeves added an elegant touch to tie it all together. Needless to say, the babes didn't just dress up—they slayed.

As the final night unfolded, John Summit took the stage from 5 am to 7 am, dressed as Harry Potter, or as he playfully claimed, "the boy who bendered." There's something so special about watching John Summit weave his musical spells in Miami as the sun graces the sky—an experience both whimsical and endearing. It marked the perfect conclusion to our spooky fun weekend, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next enchantment Hocus Pocus will cast upon us next year.

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