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The Festival Babes were Deep in the Tropics

Photo taken by Jonatan Manjarres.

The Festival Babes made their return to the 2 day festival Deep Tropics in Nashville, Tennessee this year, and this was the most exciting weekend in the tropics thus far. This year, the babes hosted a content house with numerous exciting sponsorships and activations, as well as on-site meet ups and collaborations.

The babes began the weekend by loading into the extravagant content house Thursday afternoon, and some enjoyed festival hair braiding provided by Lunautics and Hair Alchemy by Amber. With the hype buzzing around the house, select influencers attended the Deep Tropics pre-party hosted by the venue The Office, where they enjoyed music by Lauren Lane.

Friday morning was spent exploring wellness to prepare for the night of festivities. Vui’s Juice Cafe, a local restaurant, provided a variety of juices and protein balls for the 22 influencers, as well as a spread of flavors from Boxed Water. After filling up and hydrating for the day, The Festival Babes hosted its first activation of the weekend by life coach Emily, who provided intention setting and a safe space to bond with the group of girls.

After getting the brains right for the fest, it was time to get the outfits and glam ready for the night! Freedom Rave Wear, a family-run business, gifted each of the girls an outfit for Deep Tropics, and even hosted a conference call with CEO Michael Hodgen and the influencers. The brand not only prioritizes sustainability in their recycled fabrics, but also keeping the rave community a family.

The Freedom Rave wear outfits were topped off with glitter, eye shadow pigments, body and face gems, and festival braids provided by Lunautics, hand fans and cowboy hats by the brand Sojourner, and sunglasses and capes gifted by Medusa Complex.

Our babes strutted into the festival in their Freedom Rave Wear outfits and enjoyed sets by artists like Gorgon City, Whatsonot, Ravenscoon, Khiva, and more. The Festival Babes also hosted a meet-up that welcomed any Deep Tropics attendee and had a great turn out. When the festival ended for the day, the babes continued the excitement at an array of after parties across Nashville. Day 1 of the festival was absolutely a success.

Day 2 was kick started by Emily’s workshop, affirmation Bingo, a witty game to remind and teach us about the importance of self-affirmation. Continuing with the affirmations and self-love, the girls began to get ready for the final night of the festival.

Mami Ruth, a brand familiar to The Festival Babes, invited the influencers to be dressed by the boho-inspired company. After being dressed and accessorized, the babes walked down the runway at Mami Ruth’s booth in the fest.

Sets by artists like Hayden James, Inzo, Troyboi, SG Lewis and more kept the babes partying, shuffling, and head-banging all night long together.

The Festival Babes have attended Deep Tropics since 2019, and it’s safe to say 2023 was the best year yet with the sponsorships at the content house, the workshops, and, of course, the music. We’re so thankful we get to live this PLUR lifestyle.

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