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The Festival Babes to Host the First Ever Festival Fashion Show at Imagine

Have you ever dreamed of walking the runway in your favorite festival fashion designers' looks? Well now is your chance! The Festival Babes are hosting their first ever fashion show on September 17, 2022 at Imagine Music Festival. The show will be taking place right after the Kaskade pool party and will feature a variety of rave brands, including women's and mens rave wear. Some of the brands that will be included in the show are: Rolita Couture, Lunatics, Olympus Apparel, Brand Y, Spunglasses, and many more. The fashion show will be showcasing designers, brands and vendors, both big and small, with current, custom and even future designs for the crowd to see.

This will be the first time a festival has ever put on a fashion show during the event, and it is finally giving all festival fashion brands a chance to put their pieces in a well deserved spotlight! With fashion shows being a great way to express creativity amongst various designers, this will be the perfect way to launch festival fashion into the fashion world.

With the fashion industry beginning to accept models of all shapes and sizes, The Festival Babes hope to be the gateway for the raving industry to join a new community, the fashion community. The Festival Babes are already focused on creating an influencer based community around the raving world, so adding fashion to the mix was just the next step. If the show achieves everything it has set out to, the festival industry will be seen as the community the fashion world never knew it needed. It will help put a focus on the fact that beauty is seen in everyone and not just your everyday Instagram models.

Not only will the models be provided hairstylists and makeup artists who will be putting together each brand's vision for each of their looks. The models will also be able to add their own personal style and touch to their looks to make it their own, something no fashion show has ever offered. Once the models are done with glam, they will hit the runway on a custom stage, to show off their new collaborative looks.

Throughout the show, there will be a variety of giveaways for a chance for the audience to win some exclusive prizes. In order to enter you must attend the show and bring your best vibes! Some of the Giveaways include special outfits picked out from our featured brands, so make sure to attend for your chance to win.

The show will start at 3 p.m. next to the pool party stage, and no need to worry about setting an alarm on your phone! We have teamed up with the Imagine app, so you can save the show as you would any other set time. This way it will send you a reminder before the show begins. So head to the Imagine app and add it to your set times, because trust me, you won’t want to miss this!


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